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Manufacturers that benefit most from a tailored S&OP project usually experience:

  • Misalignment between executives and workers on the shop floor
  • Delivery delays due to an unreliable demand plan
  • Lack of full visibility to make accurate, better decisions
  • Disruptions on their supply chain
  • Trouble keeping up with fluctuating markets, production and inventory

Our experts can take you through a discover exercise that helps you visualize your current challenges and roadblocks, plotting them on a chart that compares the payoff and level of effort for each challenge. We’ll then guide you through the same exercise to hep you visualize the results you could achieve with S&OP for Manufacturers.

Why MCA Connect

You’ll find many companies that offer S&OP process consulting services. And you’ll find even more firms that offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 services. But you’ll find only one company that offers both of these services. And only one company that offers these two services to manufacturers.


Tailored approach

Organized to address the complexities of project-centric and mixed mode manufacturers.

Manufacturing Expertise

Strategic advisors with more than 20 years of industry-specific operational experience.


Measurable Results

Transforming executive vision into meaningful organization objectives, metrics, and outcomes.


Change at the Frontline

Set the values and beliefs that focus on four pillars of change: People, Process, Performance, Technology

Get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and experience the difference for yourself.