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MCA Connect, Microsoft Gold Partner, is offering industrial equipment manufacturers a one-hour Live Connected Experience to understand how Microsoft technology can impact each phase of your equipment lifecycle through "a day in the life" of your business. This free offer will demonstrate the value of one, connected enterprise system that can provide full visibility into your operations - starting from your highly engineered sales quote, all the way through production, financials, installment and equipment service maintenance.

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Industrial equipment manufacturers, especially those that are configure-to-order (CTO) or make-to-order (MTO), experience complexity in their day-to-day operations. From creating a highly engineered sales quote to capturing accurate cost to giving engineering the details they need to manufacture the product, these companies need full visibility into the lifecycle of their products in order to properly service their customers - and their equipment.


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How We Help Industrial Equipment Manufacturers


Achieve competitive differentiation.


Control complexity (stop the fire drills!).


Manage and properly monetize the entire customer and product lifecycle.


Reduce lead time and inventory.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers an end-to-end solution for industrial equipment manufacturers with highly engineered, complex quoting needs.


Most IEMS add significant value in the manufacturing of their product offerings, but often 50% or more of the lead time to customers is consumed before manufacturing begins. Better visibility for the back-office into what is coming leads to a more seamless transition to the shop floor. 


Tying your CAD system into your design process helps maintain quality control of the end product. Integration with procurement and warehousing ensures you have the right inventory on-hand to begin production. Tying into your shop floor manufacturing system can optimize the production schedule to minimize waste.

Field Service & Delivery

A modern field service solution allows customers to choose final product deployments, enables hand-off of components for final assembly in the field, and ties back to master customer records so you can manage warranty terms and service level agreements.

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