Why Master Planning Doesn't Work for All Manufacturers

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance has some valuable improvements coming for the performance of the existing master planning engine. However, it is somewhat disappointing that it will not be addressing the true needs of many manufacturers. The foundation of the new master planning engine is still the basic concepts that were delivered over 50 years ago.

So, why is Master Planning no longer fulfilling manufacturing needs?

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As manufacturing has leaned out waste and coupled production tightly with actual customer order demand, the flaws within the system have become glaring issues that have required incomplete work-arounds, such as:

• Capable to promise and shortage inquiries running over the top of previous master planning runs.

• Available material is “reserved” during the master planning run on a first come first serve process.

• The Master Plan sequence is still low-level code and an item number. This means that items are processed sequentially grouped by their lowest level of existence in any BOM.

What work-arounds have you been experiencing?

So, why is Master Planning no longer fulfilling manufacturing needs?

The manufacturing industry has shifted significantly over the last 20 years. If you are running old systems and old processes, you are going to start falling further and further behind.

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