How Power BI with the DataCONNECT Data Warehouse fuels new discoveries for Dynamics 365 users.

Most reporting tools and analytics dashboards tell you what happened, but don't provide easy tools to learn why. Why is Bob's team selling more of this product than Jane's? What are the commonalities between these two manufacturing defects? What's driving our year-over-year variances?

In this guide, we'll share how you can gain greater insight by adding Power BI and the DataCONNECT data warehouse to Dynamics 365.

Download the guide to learn more.  

Download the guide:

With these combined tools, you can:

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Improve forecast accuracy, which helps the company run more efficiently.

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Model rapidly changing business conditions and run “what if” scenarios.

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Enable business users to customize their own dashboards and reports to perfectly match their role and responsibilities.

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Our data warehousing solution, DataCONNECT, consolidates data from Dynamics 365, enterprise systems, and legacy solutions to give you “one version of the truth” when it comes to your data.

Though it is pre-built for Dynamics 365, you can easily integrate it into any environment and access it from any device to enable both detailed capabilities and insight.

Download the guide: