How to P-I-C-K
a Winner for
Operational Excellence

Uncover opportunities that drive superior P&L and balance sheet results.

Are you a manufacturer looking to uncover opportunities that can deliver the highest payback in the most efficient way possible?

And, once you’ve identified those opportunities, do you need a plan to help align them from the Enterprise to the shop floor so that both your P&L and balance sheet move in the right direction?

Then read this exclusive whitepaper from MCA Connect.

  • Learn why leaders at many manufacturing have a costly problem with misalignment and miscommunication (and how to fix it).
  • Discover why many manufacturers have a disconnect in shop floor execution (and how to resolve it).
  • Learn how to conduct a strategic PICK Exercise that helps you uncover winning opportunities for improvement—and also uncover the duds that you must kill without delay.

   Read this whitepaper today. Start driving results tomorrow.



Gain insight into new opportunities



Gain clarity into current opportunities



Identify the opportunities you should focus your time and budget on



Create a list of opportunities that will deliver high value, quick wins

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