Avoiding Common Production Planning Pitfalls

In this guide, our manufacturing experts have shared the common production scheduling mistakes they have seen and how you can avoid them and streamline operations.

Modern manufacturing is an increasingly sophisticated interaction of human and material resources required to manufacture often complex products with tight margins and short delivery schedules. As a result, manufacturing planning, control and scheduling have become more important than ever, but many challenges present themselves as a variety of materials and labor need to be seamlessly coordinated to meet customer requirements and evolving market demands.

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In this guide, learn how to avoid production planning mistakes such as:


Desk Planning


Reacting vs. Proactive Adjustments


Inaccurate Capacity and Routing Information

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The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges across the board for manufacturers.

According to a National Association of Manufacturers survey, 78.3% of manufacturers anticipate a financial impact from the pandemic, while 53.1% of manufacturers anticipate a change in operations and 35.5% of manufacturers are facing supply chain disruptions.

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Incorporating best practices and regularly analyzing your live data against a set of specific and appropriate metrics will go a long way in aligning production planning and scheduling, as well as generally streamlining manufacturing operations.