Webinar: Learning Lean Manufacturing Using Legos®

How to Use Simulation Games in Your Next ERP Project

With Lean Simulation Games, you can infuse fun and function into your next project training! During this recorded webinar, Phil Coy, mcaConnect’s Managing Director of Manufacturing Excellence, is going to show you how we take this unique approach in our Lean Microsoft Dynamics implementations to help customers:

  • Get hands-on with the hardware and software in a comfortable learning environment. Understand how each manufacturing process impacts production and the company overall.
  • Quickly and easily become familiar with Lean ERP vocabulary and processes.
  • Feel confident that they know how to use their ERP system well before the system moves into a live production environment.
  • The end result is that you’ll have users who are better trained and more excited about making your ERP project a success!

“The simulation sessions made a HUGE difference in our end user training. Not only was it way more fun than standard training, but each user could see how their role impacted other areas of the production process. Users were able to absorb a lot of concepts and new terms in a very short timeframe. I’d highly recommend this learning technique to other companies who are implementing Lean Manufacturing using Microsoft Dynamics AX [now Dynamics 365].”
 - VP of Manufacturing of a MCA Connect Customer